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JetPower Issue 3/2017 - English Edition


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JetPower Issue 3/2017 - English Edition


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JetPower 03/2017



  • Runway
    Scene talk and news
  • Shit happens
    Why is there a leftover screw?
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Museum
    The museum of the RCAF in Trenton
  • F-16
    F-16 Fighting Falcon from ROC-Hobby
  • Power from PowerBox Systems
    The new LiIon battery series PowerPak
  • How to
    Programming of door sequencers
  • Schockjet
    The jet trainer from laser and milling service Trost
  • VFW 614
    An aviation legend comes back
  • Everything in place
    Deflection angle and odometer from Digitech
  • Take a seat
    Ejection seat ACES II from Bingo-rc
  • VTOL project F-35B
    DIY vertical take-off plane
  • Safety for small jets
    Central Box 100 from Jeti
  • Jeti DC-24 in multi-HF operation
    Using receivers with various frequencies
  • Rookie meeting
    The jet virus is back
  • Imprint
  • Jet-Shop
  • Order cards

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