JetPower Issue 2/2018 - English Edition


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JetPower Issue 2/2018 - English Edition



Topic issue JetPower 02/2018


  • Runway
    Scene talk and news
  • IJMC
    Annual General Meeting in Mühltal
  • Flight shooting Axalp 2017
    The jet highlight in the Alps
  • CG Meter Basic
    Measuring and weighing with the CG Meter from Xicoy
  • Bella Machina
    The elegant sport jet Rebel Pro from Pirotti Models
  • Taranis Q X7
    The affordable entry into the FrSky world
  • Galloping Ghost
    The newcomer from CARF Models with Turbprop drive
  • Something’s hissing
    Quickly find leaks in the pneumatics system
  • Skin 4 Jets
    The jet hangar to go
  • Electric power to go
    The 1,2 kW generator from Denqbar
  • Flysecure
    Full insurance for model airplanes
  • From the Su-47 to the Su-X
    Part 2: It’s getting vertical
  • Imprint
  • Jet-Shop
  • Order cards



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