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JetPower Issue 2/2017 - English Edition


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JetPower Issue 2/2017 - English Edition

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JetPower 02/2017



  • Runway
    Scene talk and news
  • The IJMC in session
    Annual general meeting
  • RESCUE Turbinen-Service
    15 years of providing service and trustworthy partnership
  • T-35 Kolibri
    The small turbine from Lambert Modellturbinen
  • The Kolibri Jet
    A small full-GRP jet from Minijets
  • Viper Jet from HSD
    A new edition of the power pack
  • Boeing F/A-18 Hornet
    The JETPOWER airplane documentation
  • Hot colors
    Hot Sections from Jets perfectly varnished
  • Professional model lighting system
    Lighting module Black.4 from uniLIGHT
  • Smoke on!
    Smoke pump Jet from PowerBox Systems
  • Double reception
    Redundant transmission paths with the Jeti system
  • Imprint
  • Jet-Shop
  • Order cards

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